Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunrise Ride

So we decided today to take a nice little afternoon
ride with Bob and Julie - our first ride together
this summer - it is just hard to get our schedules
coordinated. Anyway, when we left we were all
hot and fully clothed up and decided to head up the
mountain toward Sunrise because we wanted
"cooler" weather. Well we got it! We should have
rethought our destination when we started getting
a little rain at the WME Theatre in Show Low! But
we liked the cooling off and pressed on. We hit
small patches of rain on and off all the way to the
turn off to Sunrise. By now the wind is really
kicking up - but we are still fairly dry. So we
tell Bob that we are going to go to the lodge at
Sunrise and rest and get a drink. So he drives through
the lodge parking lot and then heads up to the
base of the mountain. Why I ask you? So that is
where we REALLY hit some rain! By the time we
got back to the lodge we were really wet by now!
It was nice to be inside and warm. When it was time
to go we dug everything imaginable out of the saddle
bags (we were not prepared!) and let Julie wear
the one jacket we had between the four of us - she
swears she would have died without it! I wore an
extra t-shirt, a facemask we found, my gloves and
I stayed pretty warm. Bob found a beanie and called
it good. Chris just sucked it up! We headed down the
mountain in rain the entire time! By the time we got
home we were soaked! What an adventure! Always
have a grand time with Bob and Julie - thanks guys!

Getting a bit windy now!

Good group shot



I saw your blog from facebook...hope you don't mind that I took a look! I can't believe how much everyone has grown up with families of their own...and Skippy on a mission! I remember when he was a little guy coming in to DQ. Geez, I am getting old! What a good looking family of boys you have. Looks like we are following in your foot steps...we just had our 3rd little guy. Our blog is private, but if you email me at I will send you an invite!