Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boys come for a visit!

We brought Colby and Konnor up for a couple of
nights in January to visit. We had a great time. We
had Thomas the Train laid out in the living room the
entire time. We went to the "Princess and the Frog", ate
at DQ of course and watched a movie every night!
What fun - they were great and we loved every
minute of it!

Best Buddies!

Colby with Mickey & Minnie at Grandpa's

With Grandpa Great at his house

Playing in the snow at Grandpa's

Movie time!

Tim and Kaitlyn's birthdays

Tim and Kaitlyn share the same birthday so we

went a couple of days early while Chris was off
to celebrate. The top pic is the boys at their
booth at the Fiesta bowl. We drove out to
Glendale to check it out. And finally a picture
with all five grandbabies in it! Not a great one - but
one nevertheless!


We had the traditional Prime Rib Christmas dinner.

B and Jenn weren't there as the baby is
arriving soon - We had to drive in the four wheel
drive to pick up Grandpa Great. Kenny and Leslie
are on the other side of the table by me - out of
view! Love these folks!

Talking to my misisonary - the best part of
the day!

Christmas Eve

We had a great time having Christmas Eve lunch

with Ray and Carla and family. We had 4 level ones,
20 level twos and twenty level threes at the
party! Our family is growing!

DQ Christmas Party

Probably the funniest white elephant gift in DQ
party history! Pinto with his picture - yes that is
him in a speedo as the reindeer pulling the sleigh!

The boys win AGAIN! I am tired of the boys
always winning!

Jud working his magic with the team

The whole DQ gang! Party time!

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great time with family - feeding the

ducks in freezing weather, eating good and going
to the state football game - this is us at the restaurant