Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby goes to Prom!

The baby Skippy just before he picks up his date.
I have had mixed feelings about all of these "lasts."
The last football game, the last regional choir
concert, the last wrestling match, now the last
Prom. In one way it is a relief to have "nearly"
raised five amazing sons! On the other hand, I
think we will have to get really involved in the
grandkids life, because ours will be boring!

Skippy and his date Leesha Inman. The traditional
flower pin on.

Classic Prom Pose #1

Classic Prom Pose #2 I insisted on a couple of the
"classic" shots - it is just where it's at! Also, the
boys appreciate that we have taken all dance
pictures in the very same location for all of these
years and all of the many dances.

Wrestling Banquet

The seniors together at the last wrestling event

The Mom's got together and made shadow boxes
for each of our boys. They have their medals in them,
their varsity letter, pictures and of course their
cruise card!

Skippy got a great award! The "Card Table"
Award. He made this custom table so they could
play cards on the bus. He passed it down to
Cody Bell for next year after signing it. He also
received the "Team Captain" award for being a
great leader on the team. In four years of wrestling,
he never missed a practice.

Cole Butler and the Kenneth and Roy Owens helped
cook the great dinner along with Mark Butler, and
Jerry and Tim Frost. It was wonderful!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Salt Lake City & Conference

We had the opportunity to go to General Conference this past weekend. We had a wonderful time! Originally we were going to drive up on Thursday and home on Sunday. As it turned out Chris was able to borrow the company's new plane and we flew to Salt Lake. We knew that Gary and Darlene and Garrett Perkins were also going up so we invited them to ride along. It only took 2 1/2 hours to fly, compared to 10 to drive - what a great trade off! We were able to attend the solemn assembly on Saturday morning in the conference center. It was a magnificent meeting and we felt very fortunate to attend that historic event. It was great seeing Kenny and Leslie and being able to visit - here is a picture story of the weekend!

The pilot and co-pilot ready for take-off!

Skippy wanted to actually get on the horse.

We didn't think they would appreciate that.

The group eating at PF Changs compliments
of Gary Perkins - thanks Gary!

Leslie gave us a little recital in preparation for her
big Junior recital this weekend. She is amazing!

We celebrated Kenny's birthday while we were there.
He said the outift might be a little small :)

We fulfilled Kenny's dream of going to this
authentic Spanish cuisine restaurant for his birthday.
The next picture shows the pretty food!

On our way into the conference center. We snagged a
total stranger to take the picture for us.

Kenny was a bit mad because you aren't supposed
to take pictures in the conference center - we figured
it was over - it wouldn't matter too much.

Skip practices the missionary classic
"self-portrait" pose

Boredom at Olive Garden waiting for a table
produces some strange pictures!

Ready for the short trip home. Notice the red
carpet at the door - boy they make you feel
like a big shot!