Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vine Removal

In the background you can see the vines
on the house

Kenny and Bucky helping out

Coming down!

Dad working hard!
We decided we finally had to take the vines off
of the front of the house. First of all the house
needs painted very badly and secondly they
were dying underneath and getting ugly. They
also bring on wasps and spiders and grow under
the siding and cause alot of problems. Once
we get the house painted we will be working on
redoing the entire front of the house which will
probably take until next summer. In the
meantime, it looks pretty ugly and bare!

La Casita!

Oooo a lemon looks tasty!

A little sour!

Joey, Lynsi and Bridget get a kick out of
watching Bentley and the lemon

The group eating at La Casita on Sean's
birthday! Happy Birthday Sean (he was in
Las Vegas!) Chris was on a flight and got
left out of dinner :(

Bentley's First Birthday Party

This is Bentley's first birthday cake made by
Leslie. She decided to replicate Kenny's first
birthday cake shown in the small picture to the
left. It was great!

The birthday boy BEFORE the cake!

Not sure what he is doing

Mmmmmmm! Thanks Daddy - nice bite!

Fully into it now!
Since Kenny and Leslie were moving home
shortly after Bentley's first birthday which
was on August 8 - they decided to have his
party when they got home. It was held at the
Perkins with lots of cousin in attendance. He
had a great time!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Elder Skippy goes to DQ!

Elder Skippy sent me these pictures of a North
Carolina DQ experience! When I asked him
how it was he said "OK, but it wasn't home."
Awww - nothing like Mom's Dairy Queen - the
best in the world!!!!

First Grandchild goes to school!

We must be certifiably old now because our first
grandchild is attending school! Here is Tim &
Cara's daughter Kaitlyn on her first day of
Kindergarten. I may be a bit prejudiced but
I doubt there was a prettier little girl at school
that day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kenny Graduates from BYU! (and moves home!)

So the pictures ended up all mixed up from how I
wanted them - but anyway we were able to attend
Kenny's graduation from BYU last week. He
had a commencement exercise on Thursday and then
his individual college where he received his fake
diploma on Friday (they never give real ones here!)
We celebrated with dinner afterwards at PF Changs
and Bentley pretty much destroyed his area
entirely! We borrowed a trailer from Bob and were
able to move all of their belongings back in it. We are
happy to have them living with us for awhile until
they decide for sure what they are doing. It is so
fun to have a baby in the house! The graduation
was very nice and also very quiet compared to the
two previous ASU graduations! It is sort of like
general conference :) We are so proud of Kenny!
And of Leslie - she graduated from BYU as well
in April of this year.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

33 Years of Wedded Bliss

We have been married for 33 years as
of August 7 last week. It has been
up and down - just like life! But mostly
up! We have five wonderful sons, four
gorgeous daughter-in-laws and five
of the cutest grandchildren in the world!
Here are some retro shots and then
a couple on our date night!

walking down aisle

cutting the cake

just married

The video below...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kirsten & Brock get married!

Brock & Kirsten with nieces and nephews

My niece Kirsten was married yesterday in the
Snowflake Temple to Brock Lewis whom she
met at BYU Idaho. We had a funfilled week of
wedding preparation and family time. Everything
turned out great and we are counting down on
one hand the number of weddings we have left
between us!

Wedding Reception

She wanted a "candy bar" and they had
every candy imaginable all in pink and green!


A crazy topsy-turvy cake made by Bridget
and Carla

The wall design created by Chris and Darbi
and Carla using paper plates

Baby and Bridal Shower

Kirsten's bridal shower
Lynsi's baby shower

The next day we had a "girl's lunch"

My sister in laws and nieces

Bringing in the goods

Nice crowd of family and friends
Last week my niece Kirsten got married and
so we took the opportunity to have a bridal
shower for her and a baby shower for her
sister Lynsi who is expecting a little girl on
August 16. It was fun to get family and friends
together to celebrate both great occasions!

Tim's kids visit!

We had Tim's three kids for four nights a week

ago while Mom and Dad enjoyed a "staycation" at
their home in Mesa. They were able to eat out, go
to a water park, see WICKED (I'm super jealous here)
and just spend some "alone time." We had a
super time watching their kids for them. We were
focused on doing fun things the entire time. We
fed the ducks twice, played at three different parks,
went to a movie, road the train, visited Grandpa,
ate plenty at DQ and took a walk every night followed
by a movie and popcorn - loads of fun! I'm not really
sure who had more fun!

One of the favorite toys of the week

We bought a new Thomas the Train set for
all the grandboys

Kaitlyn gets a new Disney Princess set

Ducks Feeding Round One

This is what Makenna did both times we fed the ducks

Having a Ball!

Getting ready for the one mile walk around
the park

Immediately Konnor decides not to ride the trike,
Papa carries it the whole way . . . . almost

Grammi helps out with the trike transportation

Of course there were plenty of visits to DQ!

Feeding the ducks round two

Waving from the train

Fawnbrook Northern Train

Makenna is not too sure about Grandpa Great

We visited Grandpa Great at his house

Who needs toys?

Mackey gets bored in the stroller

All squished in!

Her very own bowl of popcorn every night!

Nightly movie ritual complete with popcorn!