Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Julie's Birthday

Julie, Terri, Bob, Chris, Lori & Daryl

52 years!!!

My best friend Julie celebrated her 52nd birthday
on January 26th. She has been such a great friend
for so many years and I am truly grateful for her.
We celebrated at Charlie Clark's in Pinetop and
Daryl treated us - thanks Daryl!! I baked her
favorite cake (chocolate cake with white sticky
icing). It was a mess by the time I got it there but
it tasted OK. Here's to many more happy

Lori's Birthday

Lori's 23rd birthday was on January 25th. They were up in the
mountains for her brother's missionary report. Sean gave me
about an hour to pull off a birthday dinner for her! I pulled something
together for dinner and then we had snickerdoodles (Sean's
favorite) for dessert and quasi-cake! Here are some
pics of the celebration (notice Sean's ultra cool 70's ish downhill
skiing sweater compliments of the thrift store). Happy
Birthday Lori!!!!!

Coast to Coast Air Ambulance

Chris has helped to start a new air ambulance company
that is flying out of Show Low. The owner is Jeff
Obering out of Cedar City, Utah. They fly turbo
commanders and have a great crew. They are
pictured here in front of the hangar in Show Low.
He is excited about the new company and this
new opportunity! He just loves to fly!


On the last night I snagged a shot with Mickey
and Konnor (after a line wait of course!)

The birthday kids!

On our first day, we are EXCITED to get in!

My dolly granddaughter posing on a Mickey
bench waiting to get in the park.

The Sunday before we left on the trip, the girls
had the cutest matching sweater dresses on and
Konnor was very handsome!
We had the opportunity to go to Disneyland with Tim and Cara and kids for
Tim and Kaitlyn's birthday's. For anyone planning on going to Disneyland in
2009, plan to go on someone's birthday because they get in free! Tim and Kaitlyn
share the same birthday so it was a perfect excuse to go.
Chris had to work but really wanted to come so we arranged for him to fly over
on the last night and spend the last day which was the birthday's to spend in
Disneyland with us and then drive us home, I just didn't manage to get any
pictures with him in them! Sean and Lori also came along for the trip. We all stayed in a
SMALL hotel room and managed pretty well! We had three days in the parks and
it was a grand time!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Utah Trip!

We took a trip to Utah to take Skippy to Provo
to report to the Missionary Training Center
on Dec 31. This is inside the MTC just before
we say goodbye to him for two long years!

Best Buddies!

Mom & Skip in front of the Salt Lake Temple.
We were able to attend the temple on Tuesday

After our temple session we always eat at the
Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the
"Garden Room". This is the view

Skip with Rhett MacNeille from Show Low
who also reported to the MTC on the same day.
Rhett is going to South Dakota, Skippy to
North Carolina

Skippy's Farewell

Well, we did it! All five boys off on missions!
Skippy the baby had his farewell on Dec 28th.
He will serve in Charlotte North Carolina for
the next two years. We had a lunch at the
house afterwards for family and friends.
Thanks to all of you who helped me get it
all ready! We feel so blessed to have had
each of the boys serve full time missions.
Tim to Chile
Bryan to Idaho
Kenny to Spain
Sean to Honduras
and now Skippy - we are so proud of each of you!

Skip with B's family

Skip with Tim's family

All the girls dressed in black & white - this
was totally unplanned!

Family Christmas Dinner & Skips DQ Party

On the Friday after Christmas I had my
family dinner party. We had prime rib
and fixings - turned out great! After
dinner we went to the DQ and had
Skip's farewell party. I have given a
DQ party to each young person who
has left from DQ to serve a mission.

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We had
Ray and Carla and Breann visiting with us which
made it that much more special! Tim & Cara
and kids and Kenny, Leslie & Bucky along with
Sean and Skip were home for Christmas morning.
We had our traditional breakfast of omlettes,
blueberry muffin top muffins, sausages, hash
browns and this year added orange juilius. Many
thanks to Carla and Breann for helping me
put it all together! It was a super day!

A tornado or Christmas morning madness?

Kaitlyn initally wasn't too sure about opening
the presents, she finally did come around to

Kenny & Leslie helping Bucky open his

Tim & Cara with their "sippy cups"

Christmas Morning Continued

Breann with her scrapbook, Ray perusing
his new book

Sean & Cara opening their joint gift. A
trip to Disneyland!

Skip working with Makenna to open the doll

Big Surprise! Skip gets stuff for his mission!

Christmas Eve

We were fortunate to have family from Kentucky
with us this year, so we did our traditional
Christmas Eve mexican food dinner together.
It was so wonderful to have everyone together,
even if our house isn't quite big enough!

Our Nativity actors

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus (we were
short on a baby, we had to go with a stuffed
ape wrapped in a towel!)

As usual, more food than twice as many
people could consume

Tim put on a little mini dance party for us.
The kids had a ball!

DQ Party

The 21st annual DQ Christmas Party was held at
my house on Dec 21st. For those of you former
Dairy Fairies - the party has not changed one bit!
We serve the same food, give the same gifts, and
play the same games all these years! Hey, it works!
Here is a pic of the workers who stayed to
the end.

Each year we play the "famous persons" game.
Since Skippy has literally been playing his
entire life, he totally rocks at this game. Once
again the boys beat the girls. Since Skippy
will be on his mission during next years party
we are hoping the girls can make a come back!

If you look closely you can see my picture on the
face of this "Santa's Helper." This was one of
the gifts at the White Elephant gift exchange.
It cracked me up!

Bridget visiting from Kentucky, Cari & Jason
from Jo City and Carla from Kentucky. I was
fortunate to have family in town during the
holidays and they all came to the party. It sure
made it that much more fun!

Sarah, Daniel, Kayla and Ashley