Saturday, May 8, 2010


Happy Mother's Day! We hope you like the latest pictures of your grandkids.

Video Photoshoot: Grandkids all wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!


In March, we went on a trip out to Kentucky to see our nephew, Lane, perform in his school's play High School Musical. But before we left we stopped by and saw our kids in the valley.

Grandbabies + Elle

Me with our "Elder Skippy" photo stand in



Lynsi, Elle & Chris
I have my wings & I am ready to fly!

Kentucky Horse Park

My fancy hat!

Lane is the man!

With the star

Girls in downtown Lexington

Pharmacy museum


Chris & I went skiing for the first time in years at Sunrise.

Girls Night Out

High school friends - SLHS class of 1975 - almost 35 years! Wow where did the time go?
(Debbie, me, Tammy, Julie)

New Baby Visit

The end of February Bryan and his family came up to visit with the new baby.

Grandpa Stoner came over for dinner

Carson's first visit to DQ

Bryan & Colby trying to fly a kite despite it snowing

Watching Papa head out for a flight

Dad's Birthday

My dad celebrating his 80th birthday! I made his favorite DQ treat.

DQ Convention in Cancun

This year DQ went international for its convention. We went to Cancun!

Chuck E Cheese & Grandkids

Before we left for Cancun, we stayed in the valley with our kids. Bryan & Jenn had there baby 2 days before we left so it worked out to see the new baby and play with the rest of the grandkids. We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and had a blast playing game and winning prizes.

grandkids + 2 cousins






Carson Sean Holladay

Bryan & his wife had their new little one, Carson born on January 25th.

proud grandparents

grandparents, baby Carson & Aunt Cara