Monday, August 3, 2009

Tim's kids visit!

We had Tim's three kids for four nights a week

ago while Mom and Dad enjoyed a "staycation" at
their home in Mesa. They were able to eat out, go
to a water park, see WICKED (I'm super jealous here)
and just spend some "alone time." We had a
super time watching their kids for them. We were
focused on doing fun things the entire time. We
fed the ducks twice, played at three different parks,
went to a movie, road the train, visited Grandpa,
ate plenty at DQ and took a walk every night followed
by a movie and popcorn - loads of fun! I'm not really
sure who had more fun!

One of the favorite toys of the week

We bought a new Thomas the Train set for
all the grandboys

Kaitlyn gets a new Disney Princess set

Ducks Feeding Round One

This is what Makenna did both times we fed the ducks

Having a Ball!

Getting ready for the one mile walk around
the park

Immediately Konnor decides not to ride the trike,
Papa carries it the whole way . . . . almost

Grammi helps out with the trike transportation

Of course there were plenty of visits to DQ!

Feeding the ducks round two

Waving from the train

Fawnbrook Northern Train

Makenna is not too sure about Grandpa Great

We visited Grandpa Great at his house

Who needs toys?

Mackey gets bored in the stroller

All squished in!

Her very own bowl of popcorn every night!

Nightly movie ritual complete with popcorn!


Anonymous said...

I'm not really
sure..but who had more fun!!

see more funny family

Darbi & Chris said...

My fav is grammi on the trike! Love IT!