Monday, July 6, 2009

T-Bucket Debuts in the Parade!

Waiting in the K-mart parking lot for our turn
in the parade

The whole gang!

The trial run

Papa gases up

Chris's birthday was spent working hard!
We bought a kit car just before Sean's 16th birthday
to be built as a parade car for the DQ. We have
been building it for six years! Ok - so most of that
time it just sat - but we have owned it that long!
Sean worked on it alot with Chris in high school
to actually get it built - but it needed body
modification and lots of other stuff that we have
just recently done. When Sean got home from his
mission it was the first time it had run in over two
years. He got it going and vowed that it would be
in the parade this year and it was! He and Tim
came up two weekends ago to work on it and we
made it through the parade. It still has more to
make it completely complete - but there is next
year's parade, It was alot of fun and we invited
Lance and Lauren to walk with us to pass stuff out.
We were a really popular item!


Darbi & Chris said...

I LOVE IT! I think the emblem on the side is so darling. Have you sent pics to DQ headquarters. I think they'd dig it! Love you guys and miss those parades.