Sunday, June 28, 2009

Elder Skippy Loves North Carolina! (and Nascar)

Elder Skippy and the Mission President Hobbs

Backwoods flower pot

Just your normal street sign

Elder Skippy and Sister Hobbs
Our little missionary is doing great! He is working
hard in Waynesville, North Carolina and
loving it! He had some really great experiences
this past week in tracting out and teaching
investigator families. He has seen the fruit
of hard work and obedience. This Tuesday he
is 1/4 of the way done with his mission - he
doesn't like to hear that - he says it is going
WAY too fast! Keep up the good work - we
are SO proud of you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Crazy Boys!

I have had this picture as my background at my DQ
computer and everyone who sees it just loves it!
I thought I wanted to share. Last time we took
family pictures when Sean got home in Sept. the boys
decided to try this shot - no planning just everyone
jump at the same time and it is amazing that it worked!
They all did something creative and Rick managed to
catch it! Just wanted to give a shout out to my
wonderful sons - they are all so amazing in so many
ways and I love them so much!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Light Family Reunion

Donna, brothers and families

Gayle & Ed Mooney - hosts of the event

Aunt Barbara, Me, Aunt Anita

Keith Dawson and I

Donna, her brother Brian, Me
This past weekend I went to Elk Grove California
for a Light family reunion. These are members
of the biological family that I recently came into.
My biological grandmother was one of eight
children of which three are living. These "Grand
Pooh-bahs" had a family reunion and I was
lucky enough to attend compliments of Donna.
Here are a few of the pictures. I was finally able
to meet one of my Dad's football buddies from the
1949 team at University of Pacific - Keith Dawson.
Keith was married to my biological great aunt whose
name was Frances. Fran sang at my adoptive
parents wedding in 1951 six years before I was born!
Talk about a small world!
It was a whirlwind trip - I left Show Low on Friday at
1 in the afternoon, drove three hours, flew two hours,
spent the night at Neils, attended the reunion, flew
two hours, drove three hours and got home on
Sunday morning at 1 am. Whew! I am tired!

Elder Skippy Current Post!

Preparation Day Clothes

Sam - a guy they taught at Books a Million

Beautiful North Carolina!

Six Pack of Awesomeness (according to Elder
These are some recent pics of our missionary!
The last picture with the soda pop is a drink
that is from that area called "cheerwine" you can
google it and read about it. He is apparently
in love with it!
He is working hard and just doing a great job
and we love him!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Elder Skippy Retro Post

On the new motorcyle!

Is this pirate cake not the coolest thing ever?

Mom and her baby!

Skip and his boys (he is like 16 - check out
the beard!)

October 2008 Conference Trip
I just felt like I wanted to put a little post up about
my baby Elder Skippy. I don't have any new pictures
from his mission (but uh Misty does and she will
email them later) so I decided to pull a few out of the
archives for a retro post! I love this boy! I love all
of my boys! I am so blessed to have the five
most wonderful sons in the world! You all make me

Colby feeds the ducks!

As part of our fun few days with Colby we took him
to Rainbow lake to feed the ducks. We ended up having
to pretend we were guests at the Lake of the Woods
because there were no ducks on the other side, but
he absolutely loved it! I didn't bring nearly enough
bread! He could have done it for hours!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Colby comes to Visit!

Papa takes off

Colby and Papa "ducking" under the wing

A little windy!

Fawnbrook Northern Railroad

Colby loves the train - everytime we drive
by he wants to go!
We are having a ball watching Colby for part
of B and Jenn's vacation. We picked him up in
Payson yesterday and had a fun day. We ate
lunch at our favorite DQ then to see the movie
"UP" - then rode the train at the Fawnbrook
Northern Railroad. After shopping at Safeway
we came home and made dinner. Colby went
right to bed when asked and was perfect for us!
Today we went to church, he is a sunbeam but
chose to stay in nursery with Grammi - he was
a bit afraid I was leaving him there - it took
awhile for him to understand that I was the
teacher! Then Papa had a flight this afternoon
so we went out and checked out the planes and
helped him get the airplane out. Colby loved
it all and especially watching Papa take off!

Sedona Motorcycle Trip

Biker chick complete with chaps!

On the Mogollon Rim

The Red Rocks of Beautiful Sedona!
Last Wed and Thursday Chris and I took a motorcycle
ride to Sedona. We started with lunch in Heber
(you get hungry fast :)) and then through Strawberry
and Pine to Camp Verde, Cottonwood and finally
Sedona. We stayed at the Poco Diabo Resort that
I snagged on Priceline for a mere $77! We had a
two person jacuzzi in the room! Perfect after 305
miles on the bike. We ate at a great Mexican
restaurant that night and then went to the late
movie. I nearly froze to death on the way home
from the movie. The next morning after a nice
walk, we took a swim, more hot tub and then
off for the day. We had a lovely lunch at the
Wildflower Bread place in Sedona and then checked
out a few shops for a hat for Chris. We are both
not too into shopping so it didn't last long. After
some expensive chocolate we hit the road. We
went back through Oak Creek Canyon into
Flagstaff. This is old stomping grounds for us as
we frequently went on this road to Sedona while
we were in college at NAU. This was the days
when there was virtually nothing in Sedona and all
of the outdoor water spots were free! We then
went from Flagstaff to Happy Jack, back through
Strawberry and Pine into Payson and home. All in
all we rode 690 miles in two days! We are prepping
for our ride to Ouray Colorado in three weeks!
We downloaded an audiobook by one of my favorite
authors onto the ipod, had a splitter and listened
away! Beautiful scenery, and special time with
my sweetheart - what could be better?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Leslie's Recital

Bucky helps Papa mow the lawn one-handed!

On Memorial Day Leslie performed a recital
similar to her Senior Recital for her friends and
family here that were not able to go to Utah.
As usual she was stunning! She is so talented
and we love to hear her sing.