Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Elder Billy!

Just wanted to put a little "shout out" to Elder
Billy on his 21st birthday! We are so proud of
you Sean and the great job you are doing on
your mission in Honduras! We love you and are
so excited to come visit you soon in Honduras
and bring you home. Here are just a few
pictures of great times!

First day of College

Skippy's first day of college. We always take the
first day of school picture in the same exact place for
21 years. He is attending NPC - the local junior
college for a semester prior to leaving on a mission
early next year.

His school transporation

This is Skippy's "first day of Show Low public
schools." We joked about taking this picture because
this is where he was on the first day of
public school! This was the first time in 23 years
that I did not send a child to the Show Low
Schools! It was a pretty strange feeling.

Grandbaby #5!

Bentley Kenneth Holladay arrived in Provo, Utah
on 08-08-08! What a cool birthday! Kenny
had been hoping that he would be born on this
date. He was obedient from the start - showing
up at 10:23 pm and weighing in at 8lb 7oz (couldn't
that nurse have just put her finger on the scale!)
He is a beautiful baby.

Proud parents Kenneth and Leslie Holladay

Papa, Grammi and "Bucky"

Uncle Skippy loves his baby nephew. Check
out the missionary part on the baby's hair

All of the baby's grandparents sharing in the
fun! We all traveled on the same day, went
different directions completely (it is about 600 miles)
and ended up in the hospital parking lot at the
very same time. We couldn't have planned that
if we had tried! We all went up together and saw
our wonderful grandson at the same time.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Kid's Visit

Tim and Cara came to visit last weekend for their
ten year high school reunion. Where does the
time go? Here are the kids all dressed cute to
be shown off at the picnic. Skip & Jud had brought
the beach chairs inside to play wii and the kids
now think they are part of our furniture!

Konnor spilled the popcorn on the floor, so he
and Skippy cleaned it up by eating it

Dad & Skippy pilot together

Dad got a call out the other night at 10pm - there
was no ride-along so it was a perfect time
for Skip to go along. Dad suited him up in a
company shirt and he busted out the pilot hat.
They got some pictures together - it was a
great bonding time - even though they got
home at 3 am!

DQ remodel

Boy, talk about a project! We decided to update DQ
with computer cash registers. Well - this required a
back server computer that needed an office. We didn't
have an office at DQ so we decided we would build one in the
upstairs. So the guy that put on the upstairs was
short and the rafters were at 6 ft - tough on Chris and tall
people! So in all good conscience Chris could not build
an office in a place with 6 ft ceilings so he said he had
to first raise the ceiling - so they did. Then they built
the office, next we decided to tear out the wooden
shelving and replace it with sturdy metal shelving
and a sweet can rack to hold all the cans. Whew!
They worked hard - thanks to B and Jenn and Skippy
who helped Dad and Mom pull this project off!

The roof going up

The before shot of the short roof and
wooden shelving

Additional before shot

More DQ remodel

The new registers on the counter - blizzard
video in the back left of picture

Expedite monitor

Grill monitor

DQ Remodel Continued

Inside the "taj mahal" little DQ office - notice the

swanky redwood floors

B did the ceiling texture by hand - it is awesome!

Finished new shelving and raised ceiling

The office outside

This is where the tool boneyard used to be located