Friday, May 30, 2008

Skip's Graduation

Skip and his best friend Curtis Ellsworth. They have
been friends since preschool.

The fam

Our Baby Graduates!

This is an ad that I took out in the graduation section of our local paper.
It pretty much says it all! The Holladay's are all Show Low High School
graduates. We just hope we have a couple from the next generation!

The last pic of the awesome wrestlers. Notice that they are all
members of National Honor Society. What a great group!


B and Jenn helped me take Kaitlyn and Konnor to the zoo with Colby while Mom and Dad and Makenna were in the hospital. We rented a bike to take a whirling tour of the zoo! B found out that his old Mother is in better shape than he thought as I held up my end of the pedaling!

Grandbaby #4!

Makenna Reay Holladay made her debut into the world on May 15, 2008 on a beautiful sunny day. She is joined by her older sister Kaitlyn (4) and brother Konnor (2). Tim and Cara Holladay are the proud parents. I got to the hospital around 1:30pm from Show Low and Cara was nice enough to waste no time in delivering Makenna around 2:47! Perfect timing! I did however bring my camera case minus my camera! I had to get pics from everyone else. Thanks guys!

Mother's Day 2008

The day after B's graduation was Mother's Day. We stayed in the valley and all were together for our phone call to our missionary! It was so great to talk to Elder Sean who is serving in Honduras. Here are photos of that.

B's graduation party

Following B's graduation he and Jenn held a dinner at their home for family and friends. Brock and Melanie and their kids came over and there are pics of Skip having fun with Owen.

Bryan is a College Graduate!

We are so proud of B! He graduated with honors from ASU on May 10! That's two ASU grads so far, keep it up boys!

More Birthday Fun!

Additional pics of the indoor playground we went to and kids in their new jammies!

Play night with the Grandbabies!

The night before Bryan's graduation we celebrated Konnor's 2nd birthday with a night on the town. After opening gifts (note everyone in the new pool!) we went out to eat - notice how Papa gets to eat his dinner!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dad and Skippy ride

Elder Billy requested a video of the bikes so he could hear the pipes!

Here you go Billy! Along with other pics of the ride.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Golfer Boy!

Skippy is finishing his senior year which includes sports. Right now is golf season and he had the regional tournament this past week. I was able to go on both days and watch him. On Monday I walked the 18 holes! Quite the workout! On Tuesday Chris was able to come and we rented a cart. Beautiful weather on Monday and horrible on Tuesday - crazy stuff! It was held at Torreon and as you can see it is beautiful!