Sunday, November 22, 2009


Chris and I had the chance to spend the afternoon
with our oldest grandchildren. We went to the
Extreme Playground or the "bouncy place" as
the kids call it. It is indoor and has large bouncy
toys and they love it - it is our second time with
them. We spent several hours there and then
to Costco for rides on the cart while Grammi
shopped and a great dinner! Loads of fun!

Kaitlyn at the top of the big slide

Love these babies!

Papa giving rides at Costco!

Is there a better dinner than Costco food court?

Colby's Soccer game

We had a momentous occasion! It was the first
organized sporting event of a grandchild!
Colby is playing soccer and we got to attend a
game! He was SO cute! They all just run
around the field in a huddle and try to kick
the ball. Hilarious! Chris's old coaching skills
surfaced and he was able to give Bryan a few
pointers. Chris as an amazing coach!
Colby did so well that he got the game ball
afterwards for listening and working hard!
We were so proud!

Colby in action

Proud Grandparents

Dad helps coach

Run Colby Run!

Game Ball!

Phantom of the Opera

After the show

We got goodies on Mill Avenue

Me and my sweetheart!

I found a former Dairy Fairy working at Phantom!

Before the show - Tim was running late
We were all able to attend the "Phantom of the
Opera" at Grady Gammage Aud on the campus
of ASU in November. We had "nosebleed"
seats in the balcony but most of us still had a good
time. This certainly was not Chris's favorite
broadway production! We have seen Wicked and
Mary Poppins in the past few months and he
enjoyed those much more! But it was great to
be with the boys and their beautiful wives!