Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birthday #52!

German babies and orange julius made by
Kenny & Leslie

Billy & Mommy

Beautiful flowers from Donna
So birthday #52 is under the belt! Where does
time fly to? It seems like yesterday that I
was 19 and had just been married less than a
month. Now, five boys, four daughter-in-laws
and five grandbabies later, I am wondering
where it all went. I had a great birthday. Tammy
Brewer took me lunch on Thursday as part
of our tradition and a gift certificate
for a pedicure! Friday night Julie and Bob
had us over for dinner and cooked a delicious
meal of steak, potatoes, salad and a completely
from scratch german chocolate cake - yummy!
Also they gave me a wonderful book on tape.
Saturday was the actual day and that morning
Kenny and Leslie made German Babies and orange
julius for breakfast - mmmmm! I was just
home from the gym and standing outside saying
goodbye to Bridget and Ben when I got a call
from Sean. He sang in Spanish and then said
he wished he could be there to give me a kiss
on my birthday - I said I did too - and next
thing I knew he drove up! He came all the way
from Mesa to give me a kiss on my birthday
and could only stay a little over an hour.
Definitely reduced me to tears! Bryan, Jenn
and Colby called with wishes as did Tim and
family. I received beautiful flowers from
Donna and a necklace from Kenny and Leslie.
My missionary even managed to send something
in the mail that arrived on Thursday along
with a wonderful letter - it was a great celebration!
Thanks to all of you for making me feel special!


Laurie said...

That is the sweetest story ever. Period.