Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Palmyra New York

At the airport excited to go!

The house my Mom grew up in - Port Byron NY

Hill Cumorah

In the sacred grove

Palmyra Temple
The day after our Holladay Reunion, Chris and
I boarded a plane for New York. We have never
been and we took the opportunity while Ray
and Carla are in nearby New Jersey on temporary work
assignment for Ray. Bridget flew in from Kentucky
and we began our journey. We arrived on Monday
night. After dinner at a local NJ hangout, we bedded
down for the night and got up early the next morning
to head out. We drove first to Port Byron New York
where my Mom was raised. We saw the house she
lived in and the town. It was great for me to see as
I had never been there and I was able to connect
stories from her childhood to the actual location.
We ate lunch at the little local diner which was classic
and had the daily special menu handwritten on a
piece of notebook paper - classic! After lunch we
drove on to Palmyra. We first stopped at the Hill
Cumorah. There is a beautiful visitor's center there
and we walked up to the monument on top. Following
that we went to the Smith Family farm and took
the tour with the sisters there and saw a replica
of the original log cabin home and the actual frame
home that the family lived in. Then on into the sacred
grove - such a peaceful spirit there. We stayed at
a lovely new motel in Palmyra and enjoyed "hot
tubbing" that night and visiting with other folks
touring the area. The next morning up early again
for a session at the Palmyra Temple. Another
wonderful experience. We changed clothes and hit
the road for the next part of the adventure - Niagara