Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holladay Reunion 2009

From whence it all stems!

Ummm those nachos are yummy!

Swimming buddies
The boys minus missionary baby
Gorgeous daughters
Kaitlyn cannonballs!
Best buds!
Papa and Mackey
The whole group (I know tiny pic!)

Jet skis on Canyon Lake
We had a little family reunion a few weeks ago in the valley.
In the past we have gone to Mexico (7 years running!) Due to
a lot of different factors we decided to change it up this year.
I rented a huge house in Gilbert where we all stayed together.
Every family had their own room and some privacy and we had
alot of large common spaces to share - it also had a pool, pinball
and other games - lots of fun!
The first day we rented jet skis and spent the day on Canyon Lake.
I had never been there - it is a beautiful little lake and the weather
was perfect and the water refreshing - it was amazing! We had
a super fun time and B engineered a ghetto knee board out of a
boogie board and Kenny got up for the first time ever! It was
a fun day all together. I forgot my camera that day and I imported
pics that B took but I am not so competent so I only posted two as
they are tiny - I have to work on that skill!
The next day we went to a live production of "Jack and the Beanstalk"
for the grandkids - it was a fun time. The afternoon we spent enjoying
the pool and hanging out. Sunday morning we were up and out to
the boy's ward at 9am - lunch following at Tim and Cara's completed
our little get together.
I am so grateful for the wonderful family that I have - such amazing sons,
daughters and grandbabies - thanks to all of you for the success of our