Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mac and Parents Super Short Visit

Mac, Billy, Me, Kayla and Loren
So Sean calls me at 5 pm on Thursday night and
says that his mission buddy Mac is coming through
Show Low and will be staying at the house. I say
"OK" "When?" - he says tonight. I say "OK" and then he
adds - "Uh - he is bringing his parents with him."
"WHAT!!!" I say. I have about 4 hours to prepare my
house for people I have never met! My boys know I am
a bit of a freak about that. In fact, I don't even like
it when my kids surprise me and come home when
I'm not prepared. But it was great! We loved Kayla
and Loren immediately - they are now officially family!
They were so great and even brought a washer and
dryer to give to Sean for his wedding! We are
so blessed by our son's missions in so many ways -
here is yet another! Come back anytime guys-
we love you! Next time hopefully they can stay
longer than 11 hours! (Sleep included in that figure)