Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bettie's Memorial Service

Me, Lisa (Bettie's daughter), Trudy (Bettie's
sister) and Brandon (grandson)

Lisa being goofy!

Bettie's extended family
We had the memorial service for Bettie on Tuesday
April 7th at the LDS Stake Center. I gave the life
story, Tim and Sean sang "Be Still My Soul" - Glen
Jackson gave a talk, Bishop Pratt added remarks
and we ended with an awesome "Nearer My God
to Thee" by the DQ Choir. I think I might take the
choir on tour! Made up of young DQ current and
former workers, they were amazing! Following the
service we had a dinner in the cultural hall. I brought
all my little cars and DQ stuff for the tables - Bettie
would have loved it! Her family was very
appreciative and I was happy I was able to help
give her a loving send off. We love you Bettie!


Rustino Scar said...

Sad times, but it looks like everything went well. Seriously, you have had some amazing singers pass through the DQ over the years. That is neat that you had a little DQ Choir. Come on tour out here and you can all crash in my apt or something.