Sunday, January 11, 2009

DQ Party

The 21st annual DQ Christmas Party was held at
my house on Dec 21st. For those of you former
Dairy Fairies - the party has not changed one bit!
We serve the same food, give the same gifts, and
play the same games all these years! Hey, it works!
Here is a pic of the workers who stayed to
the end.

Each year we play the "famous persons" game.
Since Skippy has literally been playing his
entire life, he totally rocks at this game. Once
again the boys beat the girls. Since Skippy
will be on his mission during next years party
we are hoping the girls can make a come back!

If you look closely you can see my picture on the
face of this "Santa's Helper." This was one of
the gifts at the White Elephant gift exchange.
It cracked me up!

Bridget visiting from Kentucky, Cari & Jason
from Jo City and Carla from Kentucky. I was
fortunate to have family in town during the
holidays and they all came to the party. It sure
made it that much more fun!

Sarah, Daniel, Kayla and Ashley