Tuesday, January 27, 2009


On the last night I snagged a shot with Mickey
and Konnor (after a line wait of course!)

The birthday kids!

On our first day, we are EXCITED to get in!

My dolly granddaughter posing on a Mickey
bench waiting to get in the park.

The Sunday before we left on the trip, the girls
had the cutest matching sweater dresses on and
Konnor was very handsome!
We had the opportunity to go to Disneyland with Tim and Cara and kids for
Tim and Kaitlyn's birthday's. For anyone planning on going to Disneyland in
2009, plan to go on someone's birthday because they get in free! Tim and Kaitlyn
share the same birthday so it was a perfect excuse to go.
Chris had to work but really wanted to come so we arranged for him to fly over
on the last night and spend the last day which was the birthday's to spend in
Disneyland with us and then drive us home, I just didn't manage to get any
pictures with him in them! Sean and Lori also came along for the trip. We all stayed in a
SMALL hotel room and managed pretty well! We had three days in the parks and
it was a grand time!