Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trip to Kentucky - St Louis part

The week before Thanksgiving, Chris and I took a
trip out to Kentucky to visit his sisters Carla and Bridget.
We flew into St Louis on Thursday and toured
the arch while we were there. This is the pod like
device that you ride up into the arch in. Not for
the claustrophobic!

Chris looking out the windows at the top of
the arch

The arch was completed in 1965 as a
monument to St Louis and the expansion
of the west. It is knows as the
"Gateway to the West". The arch is
constructed out of stainless steel and
is quite amazing!

We snagged a lady to take a pic of
us at the top of the arch

We ate lunch at an Italian place downtown and took
this pic on the way back. The arch in the background
and the capital is in the foreground. It was really
quite cold in St Louis - the humidity adds to the
chill for us dry Arizonians!
After touring the arch and St Louis, we drove
to Paducah where Carla and Ray live. It is about
a three hour drive. We spent Thursday night there
and they gave us the grand tour of their city
on Friday. On Sat, we all drove over to Lexington
where Bridget and Ben live. We stayed there on
Sat and Sun. On Monday we drove about 5 1/2 hours
through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and finally back
into St. Louis for our trip back to Phoenix. We had a
great time and loved visiting family in their beautiful