Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Donna & Bernie Visit Arizona!

In mid November, my birth mother Donna and her
companion Bernie were able to visit Arizona and meet
our family for the first time. They rented a home
in Gilbert for a week and did some touring of
Scottsdale and the valley while they were here.
Next trip they are hoping to make it to Show Low.
This is a four generation shot taken at our
"Girl's lunch out"

Donna and Bernie in front of the rental home. It was
very nice and spacious and had a huge TV!

Donna and me

Donna, me and 80% of the boys! (we had a picnic
and it was certifiably the windiest day I have EVER
witnessed in the valley)

Donna, the girls and the grandbabies - when
Donna found me she became an "instant"
Great-grandma. Her oldest grandchild at the
time of our meeting was 14 years old! ALL
of my boys are older than that and three have
kids of their own - talk about a whole new world
for Donna!
We had a great time visiting and are so glad that
they were able to meet most of us - looking forward
to Kenny, Leslie and Bucky on the next trip!


Virginia Callister said...

Hmmm. I can't really tell how much you look like her. I guess she's only half of your story. That's cool she got to meet mostly everyone though. You will have to tell me about your siblings. I always wonder if my brother Jason's little girl will ever try to find us. Dave's twin sister gave a daughter up when she was 14 and that girl sought out Racheal a few years ago. Interesting stuff!