Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grandbaby #5!

Bentley Kenneth Holladay arrived in Provo, Utah
on 08-08-08! What a cool birthday! Kenny
had been hoping that he would be born on this
date. He was obedient from the start - showing
up at 10:23 pm and weighing in at 8lb 7oz (couldn't
that nurse have just put her finger on the scale!)
He is a beautiful baby.

Proud parents Kenneth and Leslie Holladay

Papa, Grammi and "Bucky"

Uncle Skippy loves his baby nephew. Check
out the missionary part on the baby's hair

All of the baby's grandparents sharing in the
fun! We all traveled on the same day, went
different directions completely (it is about 600 miles)
and ended up in the hospital parking lot at the
very same time. We couldn't have planned that
if we had tried! We all went up together and saw
our wonderful grandson at the same time.