Friday, August 1, 2008

DQ remodel

Boy, talk about a project! We decided to update DQ
with computer cash registers. Well - this required a
back server computer that needed an office. We didn't
have an office at DQ so we decided we would build one in the
upstairs. So the guy that put on the upstairs was
short and the rafters were at 6 ft - tough on Chris and tall
people! So in all good conscience Chris could not build
an office in a place with 6 ft ceilings so he said he had
to first raise the ceiling - so they did. Then they built
the office, next we decided to tear out the wooden
shelving and replace it with sturdy metal shelving
and a sweet can rack to hold all the cans. Whew!
They worked hard - thanks to B and Jenn and Skippy
who helped Dad and Mom pull this project off!

The roof going up

The before shot of the short roof and
wooden shelving

Additional before shot