Sunday, March 23, 2008

Elder Sean William Holladay

Our Elder Billy is currently serving in what he says is the "best mission in the church." Anyone ever said that before? He is in the Honduras San Pedro Sula Mission. He is currently an Assistant to the President, whom he loves very much. He loves his mission and the people of Honduras. We are proud of him and love the pictures that he sends us - here are just a few!

The Palencia Family

Rest time - who can actually sleep in a hammock?

Elder Holladay does a self-portrait prior to emailing yesterday

Elder Holladay is busy in the mission field


We went to the valley on Friday to spend some quality time with our grandbabies. On Friday, Chris and I took Kaitlyn and Colby to the airport to the see the plane Chris's company will be leasing and then watched planes take off and land - we finished with ice cream! Then that night when everyone got home we went to dinner. B and Jenn picked Rumbi's Island Grill - everyone enjoyed themselves. On Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs and had a little "hunt" in the front yards. It is super handy that Tim and Bryan share front yards at their condos as they live right across from each other - we love it! That afternoon we saw "Horton Hears A Who". Plenty of popcorn, drinks and candy can get any two year old through a movie! All in all a great time for Grammi and Papa!

Papa, Grammi and kiddies pose for picture - Papa is working hard to keep Colby in the pic!

The Easter egg dying begins

B demonstrates the wonders of the shrink wrap on the eggs

Kaitlyn tries to decide what to write with the "magic crayon" before dying the egg

Papa gets into the action

Is Konnor dying the egg or his finger?

Jenn helps with Easter egg dying activity

The gang having dinner at Island Grill - check out my huge salad!

Car seat buddies holding hands

Boy do they love their Papa! (and watching airplanes)

Grammi and kids at the airport watching the planes - despite Kaitlyn's face they loved it!

Papa, Kat and C-bone at a different plane Chris's company will soon be flying

More of the same

Elder Holladay requested pictures of his Dad in his corvette - here you go Billy!

Papa and Konnor in the vette

Neil's Pictures of the Visit

Neil was kind enough to put his pictures of the trip on a Picasa site - I moved some of them here for everyone to see. Again - we had a great time and appreciate their visit!

Neil & Tricia's new niece and nephews.

Brother and Sister!
Now that feels weird :)

Chris gets in a picture!

Neil, Terri & Alana at sunrise

Neil, Tricia and Alana with Chris's Great, Great Grandpa Corydon Cooley who won the town of Show Low!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Neil, Tricia and Alana come to visit!

Most of you know by now that my biological mother, Donna, found me last year in June. I have since been out to California twice. Once to meet her and the second time to meet my four brothers and their families. This is the first visit by anyone from my "new family" to Arizona. The oldest son Neil who is coincidentally born on my Dad's birthday and is only 17 months younger than me, brought his family to visit. They were able to meet Tim and Bryan and their families (pictures can be seen on B and Jenn's blog) and then drove up to stay two nights with us. We had a terrific time! It didn't take us long to show them the town, so after lunch at DQ the first day (my camera wouldn't work there!) we took them around town and then over to Snowflake. On Tuesday we drove over the mountain to Greer, stopping at the sled run near Sunrise. We had a nice lunch in Greer and then drove through Springerville/Eagar to come home. There they were able to see the largest wooden indoor football field in the US and our first home. Then back home. We shared lots of stories and we very much enjoyed getting to know them. We are so happy that they took the time to come all this way to see us. We are looking forward to more visits from our California family in the future!

Alana and Tricia checking out B and Jenn's blog

At Greer Lodge

Neil, Terri and Alana on the deck at Greer Lodge

We found Alana an "Arizona Cowboy". The good thing is that he is a great listener and doesn't talk back!

Alana was appreciative of this picture with her mouth full! Lunch at Greer Lodge compliments of Neil. We had wanted to treat them and he was much faster with the waitress than we were.

Thanks Neil!

Neil and family on the mountain. We wanted to show Alana the snow. Uncle Chris was happy to commandeer a sled for her, but she declined.

On the sledding mountain near Sunrise

Terri & Neil

Alana and Tricia are bundled up!

Neil, Alana & Tricia. Too many shadows from the tree on their faces!

Terri, Neil and Alana at the standard "first day of school" photo pose in front of the tree!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Inaugural Season Ride

We busted out the bike today and took the first ride of the season. I must admit it was a bit chilly! We bundled up and drove to the bottom of Salt River Canyon where we had a picnic lunch. It was a beautiful day and warm in the canyon. The water was beautiful and we were checking out the river for our upcoming rafting trip.
Chris on his first ride of the season

Biker chick!

Happy girl - nasty hair!

Chris enjoying lunch in the shade
Rafters across the river - they have professional river runs on the Salt River from now until May 15 - we are going to do it!
Chris with the Salt River bridge in the background
Mom catching some sun
Salt River running strong

Tim and Cara come to visit!

Tim and Cara and the kids came for a short visit on March 1st.

Grandpa Stoner comes for Sunday dinner
Skippy chillin on Sunday
Tim and Kaitlyn during Sunday "nap" time.
Kaitlyn fell asleep after everyone woke up.
Tim and Cara - new baby coming at the end of May!
Skippy and Konnor

Papa, Konnor and Kaitlyn are ready for church!
Sissy with her new game!