Sunday, March 23, 2008


We went to the valley on Friday to spend some quality time with our grandbabies. On Friday, Chris and I took Kaitlyn and Colby to the airport to the see the plane Chris's company will be leasing and then watched planes take off and land - we finished with ice cream! Then that night when everyone got home we went to dinner. B and Jenn picked Rumbi's Island Grill - everyone enjoyed themselves. On Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs and had a little "hunt" in the front yards. It is super handy that Tim and Bryan share front yards at their condos as they live right across from each other - we love it! That afternoon we saw "Horton Hears A Who". Plenty of popcorn, drinks and candy can get any two year old through a movie! All in all a great time for Grammi and Papa!

Papa, Grammi and kiddies pose for picture - Papa is working hard to keep Colby in the pic!

The Easter egg dying begins

B demonstrates the wonders of the shrink wrap on the eggs

Kaitlyn tries to decide what to write with the "magic crayon" before dying the egg

Papa gets into the action

Is Konnor dying the egg or his finger?

Jenn helps with Easter egg dying activity

The gang having dinner at Island Grill - check out my huge salad!

Car seat buddies holding hands

Boy do they love their Papa! (and watching airplanes)

Grammi and kids at the airport watching the planes - despite Kaitlyn's face they loved it!

Papa, Kat and C-bone at a different plane Chris's company will soon be flying

More of the same

Elder Holladay requested pictures of his Dad in his corvette - here you go Billy!

Papa and Konnor in the vette