Sunday, October 18, 2009

Balloon Festival

Headed out for the adventure

Getting inflated

Some up - some trying!

The sheer numbers!

A few weeks ago Chris and I decided to take a
trip to Albuquerque New Mexico for the balloon
festival. We like to try to find something to do
on his days off so this time Chris was filing a flight
plan and saw something regarding the balloon
festival that would be affecting the air space
around Albuquerque. I started researching it
online and we decided to go. It was AMAZING!
We have lived this close all these years and have
never been! I can't believe it! It was seriously
one of the coolest things I have ever been too!
There were over 550 balloons and 75,000 people.
You walk right around the balloons while they are
inflating and really feel a part of the whole thing.
We had a great time. The trip home however was
a bit scary. It was windy pretty much the entire
time which isn't too much fun on a motorcycle.
We were doing pretty well until we got to
Springerville. That last 45 miles home were the
worst 45 miles I have ever spent on a motorcycle!
It was simply terrifying! The wind was 40-50 miles
per hour! I do not know how Chris was able to keep
the bike upright - but he did I was ever so glad
to be home!