Sunday, June 7, 2009

Colby comes to Visit!

Papa takes off

Colby and Papa "ducking" under the wing

A little windy!

Fawnbrook Northern Railroad

Colby loves the train - everytime we drive
by he wants to go!
We are having a ball watching Colby for part
of B and Jenn's vacation. We picked him up in
Payson yesterday and had a fun day. We ate
lunch at our favorite DQ then to see the movie
"UP" - then rode the train at the Fawnbrook
Northern Railroad. After shopping at Safeway
we came home and made dinner. Colby went
right to bed when asked and was perfect for us!
Today we went to church, he is a sunbeam but
chose to stay in nursery with Grammi - he was
a bit afraid I was leaving him there - it took
awhile for him to understand that I was the
teacher! Then Papa had a flight this afternoon
so we went out and checked out the planes and
helped him get the airplane out. Colby loved
it all and especially watching Papa take off!