Monday, May 25, 2009

Mackey does dishes!

Last night Makenna was such a little helper!
She is helping Daddy do the dinner dishes - she
had so much fun and we just loved watching her!

Sean & Lori are Married!

The happy couple!

A BIG THANKS to Bryan and Jenn who
took all of the pictures for the wedding.
They did an amazing job and we are
so grateful to them!

Lori and sister-in-laws! Wow - we have some
beautiful girls here!

More gorgeous girls! Lori and her sisters

Jenn & Misty

So Sean and Lori are married! It was a wonderful day!
The wedding was at 3 in the Snowflake temple. The
ceremony was lovely and it was wonderful to have
everyone from our family (except our missionary!)
in the temple. We were even lucky to have both of
Chris's sisters there and some of children. Following the
ceremony we got many wonderful pictures and then
headed to the social hall for the dinner. I couldn't have
pulled it off without the help of my wonderful friends,
Jill, Tammy, Julie and Jane. They were true lifesavers!
Lori's family also helped with the salads which was great.
We had a nice dinner of rolls, roast beef, ham and ten
different salads followed by brownie & lemon bites,
cream puffs and M&M's! The dinner was followed by the
reception that was held in Lori's Aunt's backyard. They
have a gorgeous home and yard and Lori and her family
did such a wonderful job making everything perfect!
Unfortunately Mother Nature was not on our side that
night as the rain began pouring down precisely at 7pm which
was the start of the reception! We moved it inside as
best as possible and pressed forward. Thanks to the many
friends of Sean and Lori that came and supported them -
they are so happy and we are thrilled for them!

More Wedding

Lori's sister Lindsay made the most beautiful
centerpieces - tons of work!

My crazy sister-in-law Bridget surprised
us by coming in from Kentucky for the wedding.
We were fortunate that Holly was having
a baby and Carla was already here from
Kentucky also. Thanks so much for coming -
we loved it!

Kenny & Buckster

More wedding

These are my awesome friends! Along with Jill
Pratt (not pictured - she wasn't there yet!) they
totally pulled together my luncheon after the
wedding for me. They are truly the best of the

Brother's being serious

Brother's being silly!

Grandbabies at the Wedding!

This was one of the best we were able to get with
all of the grandbabies. For some reason they
did not want to all cooperate at the same time!
Imagine that!

Donna's Visit for the Wedding

My birth mother Donna came for
Sean's wedding. These pics that I
took off B's website didn't turn
out so good - I'll try to find better, but
this is her first few minutes in our
house. This was her first visit
to Show Low.

Elder Skippy Pictures

Playing disc golf on preparation day

He says he is pretty good at this game

At a car show
Elder Skippy is doing great in South Carolina.
He is loving his mission and his companions, we
miss him like crazy but wouldn't want him
anywhere else!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Missionary Phone Call

Getting my alone time on the phone

Misty brought me beautiful flowers for
Mother's Day

Catching Misty talking to Elder Skippy

Everyone loving the call and having a grand time!

Our kiddos are growing up!

Mother's Day Dinner


The group minus Sean the picture taker

Sean and his fruit creations

Dad figuring out how to cook on his new super
grill - oh, excuse me - my Mother's Day gift!

The boys whipping it up in the kitchen!

Birthday Kids!

Konnor turned three on May 7th and Makenna
will be one on May 15th. While they were up
we went ahead and celebrated with them. We
had a fun time opening presents and playing!

Lovin The Bucket!

We got the t-bucket out again for some more riding
since the weather was beautiful! It is running good
and just needs some additional work on the interior.
It is at least driveable for the parade on the 4th!
I think this year it is happening!

Lori's Endowment Day

Lori received her endowments in the Snowflake Temple
in preparation for the wedding in two weeks. They
are a darling couple and we love Lori! We are so
excited to have her in our family!