Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The week of October 14th we were able to have our
family reunion in Mexico. It is an annual event for us
and this was our 7th year in a row! We wanted to
wait for Sean to get home from his mission and Chris
and I had been to Mexico one other time in October
and it was beautiful. So we planned along time ago and
it was wonderful, except that Chris was not able
to come at all. Man, sometimes that job just cuts
into your day! Anyway, all of the boys and their
families were there for varying amounts of time
according to their schedules. We had a great time
and the weather and ocean were amazing! I am
sold on October in the future. We had never been
able to go in October in the past because we had
a football player for 13 straight years! Now that we
have complete that stage we can go to Mexico
in October - I recommend it!

My super handsome boys!

Uncle Sean and Bucky (Kenny & Leslie's baby)

Kaitlyn buries Uncle Sean in the sand

Makenna doesn't care where she gets her nap