Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby goes to Prom!

The baby Skippy just before he picks up his date.
I have had mixed feelings about all of these "lasts."
The last football game, the last regional choir
concert, the last wrestling match, now the last
Prom. In one way it is a relief to have "nearly"
raised five amazing sons! On the other hand, I
think we will have to get really involved in the
grandkids life, because ours will be boring!

Skippy and his date Leesha Inman. The traditional
flower pin on.

Classic Prom Pose #1

Classic Prom Pose #2 I insisted on a couple of the
"classic" shots - it is just where it's at! Also, the
boys appreciate that we have taken all dance
pictures in the very same location for all of these
years and all of the many dances.