Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am most thankful for family. We had a wonderful
Thanksgiving and had all of the boys home on
Friday for our dinner. Of course, it will be two years again
before we have everyone home as Skip will be
on his mission. I am so grateful for each and every
one of my family and I love them all so much!
This is my Mackey Girl - isn't she a doll?

Cara and Konnor

Skip and Sean "dressed up" for our traditional
trip to the movie theatre. Yes - that is a wig
on Sean's head

The beautiful flower arrangement that Donna
and Bernie sent us for Thanksgiving - I always
want one of these but I'm too frugal to purchase
my own - it was so nice to actually have one!

The table is set for dinner. I didn't use the
china, but I did put out my Mom's fostoria
crystal goblets - I love these glasses.

More Thanksgiving

Konnor and Bucky playing together

Skippy, Grandpa Bob, Sean and Grandma Molly

The boys - does it get any cuter than this?

My Dad and My Boys!

The whole group

Trip to Kentucky - St Louis part

The week before Thanksgiving, Chris and I took a
trip out to Kentucky to visit his sisters Carla and Bridget.
We flew into St Louis on Thursday and toured
the arch while we were there. This is the pod like
device that you ride up into the arch in. Not for
the claustrophobic!

Chris looking out the windows at the top of
the arch

The arch was completed in 1965 as a
monument to St Louis and the expansion
of the west. It is knows as the
"Gateway to the West". The arch is
constructed out of stainless steel and
is quite amazing!

We snagged a lady to take a pic of
us at the top of the arch

We ate lunch at an Italian place downtown and took
this pic on the way back. The arch in the background
and the capital is in the foreground. It was really
quite cold in St Louis - the humidity adds to the
chill for us dry Arizonians!
After touring the arch and St Louis, we drove
to Paducah where Carla and Ray live. It is about
a three hour drive. We spent Thursday night there
and they gave us the grand tour of their city
on Friday. On Sat, we all drove over to Lexington
where Bridget and Ben live. We stayed there on
Sat and Sun. On Monday we drove about 5 1/2 hours
through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and finally back
into St. Louis for our trip back to Phoenix. We had a
great time and loved visiting family in their beautiful

Trip to Kentucky - Paducah part

Ray and Carla outside their home in Paducah

We went to Patty's at the Land Between the Lakes
and had 2 inch pork chops! This was after
our appetizer of fried dill pickles.

They had a darling Santa area and lots of
beautiful lights decorating the area around

Downtown Paducah has a wall that they built
to hold back flood waters from the river. On the
wall they have beautiful murals - this is one
Chris liked

Carla and Terri - downtown Paducah at the
river's edge. We are freezing!

Trip to Kentucky continued

Bridget, Ben, Hayli and Lane in front of the
current house they are renting.

Bridget and Ben's new house they are buying
in Lexington - it is something like 4400 sq ft
with 6 bedrooms! It is beautiful!

A timed portrait we took in the church
parking lot on our way into stake conference.
Richard G Scott was visiting at the conference.

The Gang (Black seems to be the predominant
color here!)

Chris and his sisters

Donna & Bernie Visit Arizona!

In mid November, my birth mother Donna and her
companion Bernie were able to visit Arizona and meet
our family for the first time. They rented a home
in Gilbert for a week and did some touring of
Scottsdale and the valley while they were here.
Next trip they are hoping to make it to Show Low.
This is a four generation shot taken at our
"Girl's lunch out"

Donna and Bernie in front of the rental home. It was
very nice and spacious and had a huge TV!

Donna and me

Donna, me and 80% of the boys! (we had a picnic
and it was certifiably the windiest day I have EVER
witnessed in the valley)

Donna, the girls and the grandbabies - when
Donna found me she became an "instant"
Great-grandma. Her oldest grandchild at the
time of our meeting was 14 years old! ALL
of my boys are older than that and three have
kids of their own - talk about a whole new world
for Donna!
We had a great time visiting and are so glad that
they were able to meet most of us - looking forward
to Kenny, Leslie and Bucky on the next trip!